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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions at


Statutory Rights
The following terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Product Availability
It is important to note that information about our products does not amount to an offer by us to sell the products on that basis. Rather, it is an invitation to you to make us an offer to purchase that product on that basis, therefore references to 'orders' placed by customers are deemed to be references to offers by such customers to purchase the relevant produce from us. Although we will endeavour to maintain to supply you with the item requested, sometimes we may be unable to fulfil an order. In this instance, you will be informed at the earliest opportunity. Product images displayed on the website may occasionally differ from the respective product names and descriptions, due to changes in packaging and/or availability.

Customised Product
Within the process of design, you the customer will receive a computer aided drawing that will to all intents and purposes represent the product you order and purchase. There will be two quality checks at logo and embroidery stage that will verify your order. As such with a customised product our payment policy is structured accordingly.

The prices quoted throughout our website are inclusive of UK VAT at the current rate. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. There may be occasions where prices are incorrectly quoted or change at short notice as a result of circumstances beyond our control. If this situation occurs you will be informed of the correct price by telephone or email as soon as possible. Please note that on occasions some styles are at a different price to others. In situations where additional customisation is requested on a product it is possible that on occasion this will result in an increased cost, but will be reflected in the end product quality.

Payment/Refund Policy
On issue of our Purchase Order we will issue you with an invoice for a minimum of 50% of the invoice value and where the order quantity is only one, full payment of the invoice value will be required unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to take full payment at all times due to the custom nature of the product.

In the event that we are unable to supply the product because of supplier failure we undertake to refund your outlay in the event that we cannot find an alternative supplier within 14 days.

Where you have paid by credit or debit card you have the right to cancel your order within 7 working days notification of such cancellation may be made by phone or email but must be confirmed in writing. A full refund will be made to your card under this option.

Cancellation of your Order
If after has accepted an order from you (acceptance will be communicated via e-mail on receipt of an order), and you wish to withdraw from the contract, you may do so by communicating that wish to us within 2 working days of our acceptance. Beyond this timescale as the product is entirely customised or personalised cancellation will not be accepted.

In the event that goods purchased are delivered to you in a damaged condition, we undertake to order a replacement identical product subject to your returning the damaged goods in the original packaging to the originating address. The return cost will be re imbursed subject to receipt. When returning an item we advise you get a certificate of posting and sufficient insurance from the Post Office when you send an item back.

This offer is caveated to the extent that the product will be photographed before dispatch and copies sent to you which will be deemed acceptance that the product matches the CAD drawing on which the order is based, Thereafter any defect will have to be proved as incurred in transit.

As soon as we receive evidence of product defect, we will process your request for a replacement item or refund. We will notify you via email as soon as your request has been processed.

On goods we have specially ordered in at the request of a customer (goods we do not carry) we won't accept returns unless faulty. The only other occasion we would consider return is for exchange but the special order item would be subject to a handling and re-stocking charge.

Delivery will endeavour to deliver to you within the specified time. However, there may be instances when we cannot deliver within this time. If we realise that we cannot deliver to you within that time, we shall alert you as soon as possible to try to arrange another suitable time for delivery.

Where delivery of goods is agreed and invoiced by EMS out of Hong Kong via the country of origin postal service, on occasions local duty or tax maybe imposed post inspection. In this event details will be evident from the tracking numbers issued to the client and the client should as soon as receiving notification of any sums due advise Bridge Golf Scotland, in order that the sums can be paid and the goods released. This co-operation is important as local postal services advise the addressee of the package. Dependant on circumstances BGS will make good customs duty and any extra delivery charge but will not be responsible for import taxes such as VAT where the purchaser is a commercial business.

Product Specification
All product information contained in is for guidance only. No responsibility can be taken for errors or omissions.

Data Protection conforms to the UK Data Protection Act. Any information you provide is treated in strict confidence and is stored in a secure location. Customer’s details will not be disclosed in any way to any persons outwith If you do not wish to receive promotional material from us, please register that with us immediately by email. View our Privacy Policy.

Termination reserves the right to abort access of our internet services if your behaviour is found to be discordant with these terms and conditions at any time.

Intellectual Property
No permission is given by in respect of the reproduction or use for injurious or commercial purposes of any brand names, product names, designs and any other material shown on the website in which intellectual property rights subsist. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In providing logos for inclusion on the golf bag design, the customer is deemed to have obtained any necessary permissions or authority required. Bridge Golf Scotland reserves the right to refuse to use any logo where they believe a breach of copyright may occur.

Governing Law
Any use of the website and any purchase by the customer on this site will be governed by the Law of Scotland and will be deemed to have occurred in the UK and all parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts


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